Summer Academy #1 - Breeze Assets & Level
by Crytek

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Engine release version 5.6.7
Geometry Polygonal
UV mapped
UV type Mixed
Zipped size 246.09MB
Unzipped size 246.09MB
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Relax on the beach and listen to the sound of waves, or find some shade under the many low poly trees and buildings in our new Breeze Asset Pack! Don't spend too much time relaxing though, you have to get home, and to do so you'll need to cross the many island platforms and deliver fuel to the Rocket Ship on the other side of the isle.

This asset pack is part of the Summer Academy Breeze series you can find here:

Use the custom-designed level, or use the Assets to create your own low poly tropical island getaway.

Included inside:
* 20+ Vegetation assets, including grass, bushes, and palm trees
* 15 platforms of different sizes and design
* 10+ particle effects, including variations of wind, leaves falling, dragonflies, and birds
* 7 kinds of rocks
* 6 Terrain Textures
* 4 buildings
* 3 water wave types
* 2 boats
* A Podium!
* Fuel containers
* Fluffy clouds
* A Rocket Ship
* Assorted audio files and triggers
* Schematyc controlled camera to fly around the isle


This asset does not include the Character and Code. Follow the series to learn how to import and create your own character to venture upon the isle.

March 10, 2022

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement

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