Art Asset Pipeline: Creating and Handling LoDs in Maya
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated May 15, 2020
Autodesk Maya

Check out the next part of our latest art asset tutorial series hosted by Alin Alexa, Technical Support Specialist, showing you how to optimize assets with LoDs using Autodesk Maya.


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:23 - Explaining the concept of LoDs  
  • 1:54 - Hierarchy and naming convention (CryTools Pipeline)
  • 4:44 - Hierarchy and naming convention (FBX Pipeline)  
  • 5:44 - FBX Mesh importer settings  
  • 5:58 - LoD functionality debugging and properties

This video includes a practical explanation of LoDs (Level of Detail), showing you how to optimize for various viewing distances, which will help keep the poly count low and the performance high in your scenes.  

Alin provides a full workflow for the creation and management of LoDs using Autodesk Maya, and you’ll learn the naming system used to mark different geometry elements.

You will also be provided with an overview of the settings required to export assets using a CryTools pipeline and an FBX pipeline.  

Using LoDs is an essential step to optimize assets for any project. By the end of the tutorial, you will understand the theory and workflow behind this technique using Maya, as well as learning how CRYENGINE behaves and uses LoDs in different contexts.  

Further information about setting up assets and exporting them from Maya into CRYENGINE can be found in our written documentation.

This tutorial builds upon the previous tutorial which shows you how to create physical collision proxies using a Maya workflow.

If your preferred workflow includes 3DS Max, be sure to check out our previous tutorial covering the same topic of the LoDs pipeline using 3DS Max.

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