Creating a Main Menu Using Schematyc [UI Tut. Part 2]
Tutorial info  
Difficulty Intermediate
Updated August 04, 2022
cryengine 5.x
Adobe Animate
visual studio

 Time  Topic
00:00  Intro Summary
02:24  Required Software
02:55  Adding ActionScript to 'Play' Button in Adobe Animate 
05:27  Exporting and Converting .swf/.gfx 
06:33  Explaining the .XML
07:27  Adding the Menu, Cursor and Play Button into CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS 
13:29  Adding ActionScript to 'Mute' Button in Adobe Animate
14:35  Updating the .XML for the Mute Button
15:04  Adding the Mute Button into CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS
19:14  Adding ActionScript to 'Quit' Button in Adobe Animate
20:20  Updating the .XML for the Quit Button
20:46  Generate a Solution
21:27  Adding Quit Function to the game via C++
25:45  Build and Launch CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS from Visual Studio
26:07  Adding the Quit Button into CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS

Using Schematyc to implement a functioning main menu. Nick takes you step-by-step through the process using Galaxsys, a twin-stick shooter game sample that you can download for free from the CRYENGINE Asset Database. We recommend that you download it before you watch the tutorial so you can follow along. You'll be shown how to add a menu with clickable buttons to the game and learn the basics of the Schematyc workflow. You will be able to apply what you learn to your own projects. 

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