Creative Lighting Basics
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Difficulty Beginner
Updated August 04, 2022
cryengine 5.x

This course is aimed at users who are already comfortable with using the sandbox but are getting started with lighting. It is based on CRYENGINE 5.5.2 and uses assets from the free CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. However, you can use your own buildings, furniture, or props as you follow the course if you have already started building a level.

Time    Topic
00:00 - Intro
01:36 - Creating a work light
02:01 - Falloff implementation
04:17 - Using attenuation bulb size
05:24 - Understanding the shadow spec setting
08:28 - Lighting the hangar - general practical lights
10:35 - Using projector lights
12:19 - Assigning textures to projector lights
13:27 - Consdering color temperature
14:55 - Basic color theory and attracting the eye
15:41 - Using SVOGI
18:28 - Using environment probes
21:19 - Lighting the hangar from an architectural perspective
22:10 - Building fluorescent light fixtures
23:29 - Building a multi-material for a fluorescent light
25:45 - Adding a light component to the fluorescent light
28:30 - Converting the fluorescent light into a prefab
31:21 - Adding lights to lead the player's eye
32:12 - Adding lights to clarify NPC roles
33:48 - Attaching a light component to an AI character
36:05 - Attaching a headlamp to the player using Flow Graph
39:56 - Using volumetric fog
41:30 - Looking at a fully lit level
43:55 - Final creative lighting touches: alarms, tracking searchlights
44:47 - Summary

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